Arrrgggh! Come join us matey on Wednesday nights as we continue our journey with Captain Patch the Preaching Pirate. Every week we takes us a lesson from the Captains log book. Many a fine lessin in ther. The captain has a mighty loyal crew and those crew mates will be makin sure the young folk in your ship learns them the lessins they need to know. Rist assured, there is no swabbing of the desk errrr I mean deck, but in order to make good sailors out of the lot we make em learn some songs. We even make em sing them in front of the rest of the seasoned crew several times a year. Mu Ha Ha Ha!

We meets in the Old Sanctuary Building at 7pm every Wednesday, don’t be late Arrrgggh!

Whattt!!!  I didn’t sell the deal to yous? Well then you landlubber, head on over to the captains ship, he will set yous straight!